Sign Language Interpretation

At Deafinitely Sign, we recognize the vital role of sign language interpreters in empowering the deaf and deaf-blind community. Over the years, despite the dedicated efforts of a handful of active translators nationwide, this profession needed more regulation and recognition. However, the landscape began to change positively with the adoption of the Bulgarian Sign Language Act (BGSLA). A year following the enactment of BGSLA, the field of sign language interpreting has seen a significant revival. The establishment of a public list of certified sign language interpreters notably marks this rejuvenation. These professionals, certified in the specialty of "Bulgarian Sign Language," have completed rigorous training at vocational training centers accredited by the National Agency for Vocational Education, including Deafinitely Sign Academy.

Free sign language interpretation services for the personal needs of deaf and deaf-blind individuals:

Personal Needs: Deaf and deaf-blind persons are entitled to up to 120 hours of interpretation services per year for personal requirements.

Education Support: Up to 60 hours per semester for deaf and deaf-blind students and doctoral candidates.

Healthcare Access: Ensuring accessible healthcare through Bulgarian sign language for deaf and deaf-blind individuals.

Legal Procedures: Interpretation support during procedural and investigative actions.

Implementation of the Bulgarian Sign Language Act in National and Local Institutions

Implementation of the Bulgarian Sign Language Act in National and Local Institutions

  • Since the start of 2023, a crucial development has unfolded in Bulgaria's institutional landscape. In line with the Bulgarian Sign Language Act (BGSLA), all executive power institutions and municipal bodies are now mandated to facilitate administrative services accessible through Bulgarian Sign Language for the deaf and deaf-blind community. Deafinitely Sign, as a pioneering social enterprise, plays a pivotal role in this transformation. We collaborate closely with both national and local institutions to integrate a state-of-the-art video-sign translation platform. This platform is instrumental in ensuring comprehensive accessibility for deaf and deaf-blind individuals.

Our team of professionally trained sign language interpreters stands ready to assist the deaf community. They provide vital interpretation services during the operational hours of these institutions, ensuring that communication barriers are effectively removed. This service not only empowers deaf and deaf-blind individuals but also reinforces our commitment to inclusivity and equal access to public services.