Deafinitely Sign represents a collaborative endeavor between the Listen Up Foundation, Vzaimno Foundation, and the Active Deaf Youth Organization - ADYO. As a registered social enterprise under the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, we specialize in providing innovative Bulgarian Sign Language (BGSL) interpreting services. Our mission is to foster an accessible and equal environment for the deaf community in Bulgaria, upholding their fundamental right to comprehensive access to education, information, and services. Our commitment to this mission has led us to play an active role in the campaign for the recognition of BGSL. We have worked diligently to establish strong collaborations with various national institutions, contributing significantly to the enactment of the Bulgarian Sign Language Act. This achievement stands as a landmark success in the history of the deaf community in Bulgaria.

Deafinitely Sign owns ISO 9001:2015 certification (Certificate No. 1710BGR249Q).